Saturday, 5 January 2008

Inaugural Post

Well this is my very first post as a raiding Retribution paladin in WoW.

I've been inspired by other retribution paladins and feel like this blog should try and encourage those paladins that feel constantly pushed into the Holy brigade that there is hope out there. But first a little about myself.

I started playing WoW only after The Burning Crusade came out after playing fps' to death, I think I needed a change.

My main is Rexkicker a paladin on the Barthilas PVP 'Oceanic' realm, I also have a 70 Balance Druid Rexamus.

When I first was trying to select a character for WoW I was reading the general attributes of the different classes as you do. It looked impressive on paper, a class that could heal and be in the thick of the action at the same time. I was immediately drawn to the class, as the idea of a 'combat medic' type class was what I decided I wanted to be.

It was not until I was about level 67 that I realised the end game that awaited me, and that retribution paladins were not welcome in WoW. I immediately halted my progress, and told my guild then that being a pure healbot was not how I envisioned my game and refused to level. At that point I was really jaded and rolled a druid instead as I knew that the versatility of the druid class would at least let me figure out how I wanted to play.

But I eventually caved and finished levelling my paladin, and took up the job of holy spam healing. I at least got to see the end game content, but how many times was I sitting at the back of the raid healing, and thinking I was missing out.

Then it all changed....

I came across another ret paladin named Pau, and was fortunate enough to see him raid in Gruul's. I was blown away! He proved to me that it can be done, proved that a ret paladin can be viable and from that point on I knew that I had something to aspire to.

So this is where I am today, I've started trying to play my beloved pally once again, and am determined to do a good job it!

Hope you enjoy these blogs, they tend to be long (probably because I got alot to get off my chest, but it'll be fun)!



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