Sunday, 3 August 2008

The end?

Well it had to happen sooner or later. I've tried my best to get into a raiding guild on Dreadmaul that would take a retribution paladin, but all I've had is rejection after rejection. No matter how good my gear is, or how well I do or how much knowledge I acquire about my class, without the support of a guild, I cannot put that gear to use and do what I do best.

The only way forward for me now is to spec prot and stick with it until the expansion comes out. Hopefully, then people will see that retribution paladins are needed. C'mon Blizzard, please don't nerf retribution too hard (the Art of War nerf was far too extreme).

I'm actually bitterly disappointed at the moment, all the hours that I've put in to make Rexkicker 'all he could be'. As of today, I have 75 days played on him, but I guess that wasn't enough.

So I think that this will be my last post for quite some time, this blog was about the view and the life of a retribution paladin, but if I can't be that paladin, then there is no point to keep writing this blog. I might log on and post my thoughts on the beta and the expansion though.

Thanks all for reading.




Alex - aka Firelight said...

AW! Dude!!

Dont give up yet....

Do what other people do when they cant get a guild spot - start your own guild!

You never know in a few weeks you'll be raiding again!!

Asherd said...

Aw, well come back to barthilas ;) (kiddin)

I posted on your blog in may, my druid wasn't 70 then - but I read the post again and realized that since then I was able to spec Balance and am resto now with 4 kara healy epix. I spent like 5k gold on boomkin gear got fully eppiced, so have not bought enchants and the meta gem (am poor). My hubby is a pally tank and I like going into instances with pally tanks - with the salv I am home free.

Wish I had 2 hybrids- My mains a warrior.

Yeah, like the other guy said, start your own guild and recruit. I actually like pugging, am not sure if other people do. Start a guild pug then recruit - there are heaps of unhappy people in a guild.

Colossis said...

Trust me, weve been there a few times aye Rexy. Sure you can start your own guild but it takes more than just that to become successful. Rexy and I have done that a few times now and while doing so tried to keep all us RL mates who have been playing games together for some 10 years, it just wont work and has proved to be almost impossible. Im very sad for rex, I have been there almost the whole time and seen the effort he has placed into his paladin only to be pushed back down into a hole everytime he stuck his head out, it seems others might not like seeing a ret pally doing over 1k dps.

Im happy to see him running prot, it may offer a change and new outlook for now but its really not where he deserves to be.

Rexkicker said...

Thanks for that.

Awesome, yes I love hybrids, I dunno why, I guess I just like playing the class because I get to do more than just kill stuff!