Sunday, 12 October 2008

Dual specs

I have admittedly stayed away from the PTR because if I know if I touch it, it would be unbearable to try and play a paladin on live! I've been hearing great things about ret, but I think I prefer to wait for the surprise.

One interesting change will be the introduction of dual specs in Wotlk and this is something that I am really looking forward to. It just makes sense that to address a healer and tank shortage, you can't penalise hybrids!

But is two specs enough? Maybe I'm just being greedy, but hybrids really needs at least a third spec. A pure dps class I understand, you have your PvE raiding spec and a PvP/Arena spec. But for hybrids its always that much harder. I would love a PvP spec for Rexkicker and a PvE spec, however that leaves no room to take on alternative roles like tanking or healing. So again this doesn't solve the the tanking or healing shortage!

Oh yeah I got my shaman to 70, my fourth toon. I love this period of changing your gear from green to purples and watching your dps sharply increase as you do so. I gotta admit, you really do feel like a hero when you pop 'Heroism'. pew pew pew.

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