Friday, 31 October 2008


Achievements are such a sadistic thing, its either you love em or you hate em.

On one hand they give you a real sense of finishing something worthwhile in the game. On the other, it shows you how far you still got to go! For some reason, achievements feels like something that belongs in Grand Theft Auto. Its not something that you NEED but its something that you WANT.

I've quickly realised that with achievements, you need to compromise. Its close to insanity trying to get the same achievements done for all your characters, so I try and focus on Rexkicker only for achievements. I find myself making strange choices. I'm now rerunning all the heroics to get the achievements, but am torn between just getting them done for the sake of my epeen on Rexkicker or running them on Rexana so she can get badges and gear!

I've also formed new objectives for Rexkicker in terms of achievements. At the top of my hit list is to get exalted with all the main alliance factions and to finish my Lower City Rep to finish my rep achievements with the Outlands factions. Pro tip is that I need to do the Exodar starting quests because they give 'alliance' rep!

Blizzard should consider making achievements accountwide rather than just character only!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

The rollercoaster ride that is Retribution

To nerf or not to nerf that is the question.

Like a kid addicted to red cordial, I'm addicted to constantly checking the beta forums for signs of more nerfs or unnerfs.

The constant QQ is starting to take its toll, if we win its because we're OP and not because of any skill. I did get to the 1600's with a pve geared holy pally partner, so that was enough to get my S4 chest. Not that I care much about doing Arena at this point in the game anyway, but its nice gear anyway.

BG's have been pretty fun. I was minding the flag at AB and took down 4 horde against myself, two were undergeared as anything and I had to bubble, and I had to use LOH but man that would have been soul destroying!

So what now at the moment...

Well I'm definitely gonna pick up the 4 piece scourge set that you can pick up from the undead event. It looks so freakin awesome, I wish the Naxx tier gear looked as good as this, but sadly no.

Ah well, I'm gonna see if I can get the set for Rexana now at least to give her some decent gear to level with!

Cheers all,


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Dual specs

I have admittedly stayed away from the PTR because if I know if I touch it, it would be unbearable to try and play a paladin on live! I've been hearing great things about ret, but I think I prefer to wait for the surprise.

One interesting change will be the introduction of dual specs in Wotlk and this is something that I am really looking forward to. It just makes sense that to address a healer and tank shortage, you can't penalise hybrids!

But is two specs enough? Maybe I'm just being greedy, but hybrids really needs at least a third spec. A pure dps class I understand, you have your PvE raiding spec and a PvP/Arena spec. But for hybrids its always that much harder. I would love a PvP spec for Rexkicker and a PvE spec, however that leaves no room to take on alternative roles like tanking or healing. So again this doesn't solve the the tanking or healing shortage!

Oh yeah I got my shaman to 70, my fourth toon. I love this period of changing your gear from green to purples and watching your dps sharply increase as you do so. I gotta admit, you really do feel like a hero when you pop 'Heroism'. pew pew pew.