Saturday, 14 March 2009

Say no to dual specs

The more I think about dual specs, the more I hate it! Other guildies have asked me what my second spec will be, and when I said it would be PvP, I get lol'd at. Their view is that since I can spec holy or tank, I should to benefit the guild.

The guild however already benefit from me being ret, and I have been geared specifically for that role. If I was a pure dps class no one would care if my alternate spec was for pvp/arena, so why should it be any different simply because I'm a hybrid?

A second spec is a bad idea. If Blizzard is serious about arena and wanting to help alleviate the tank/healer shortage, then they need to implement tri specs or even quad specs (in the case of druids and paladins). I would be more than happy to pay extra for my third or fourth spec so that hybrids can choose if they want those extra specs or not, whereas those pure classes that have no need for those extra specs can simply choose not to pay for it.

I have a nagging feeling that Blizzard will be tempted to make an encounter that requires signicantly more tanks or healers than usual, forcing some dps hybrids to switch specs mid-raid because they can. While it would secure a dps hybrid a raid slot, it would mean that they would need to perform a role that they either do not have the gear or skill for. I know that I haven't been holy for a long time now (and well before the 3.0 patch), so I know I couldn't switch to holy mid-raid and heal. It just wouldn't work.


HP said...

i really only see dual spec help out bleeding edge guilds that min/max or guilds that have flexible people and are also short certain roles in raid... For the majority of people, it will be personal preferences but there do seem to be an equal mix of advantages or disadvantages... I guess we'll see in time the true ramifications of dual spec

Rexkicker said...

Yep, my other concern I have is about DKP. There will be a real need now to build off sets for your second spec.

Hybrids will be naturally pushed down the loot priority when they spend dkp on their second set. This isn't anything new, although I feel like dual specs might make this problem worse for hybrids.

You're right though, time will tell...