Friday, 19 December 2008

Rep grinds

It was a plan of mine that once I hit level 80, I would solo some Outland instances to get any rep I was short of for my achievements. Fortunately the only major faction I’m not exalted with is Lower City. So I decided to run shadow labs last night as I’m only about 3k rep short.

I don’t understand the rationale behind this one, but I was only getting a pathetic 3 rep per kill on trash, down from the usual 15-20 rep or so. I was running with my mates DK and at level 77, he was picking up the full rep. I’m thinking that this is because the mobs were grey to me. Still, it doesn’t explain why the rep should diminish as you level. In fact, you should get more rep! Doesn’t it makes sense that a faction would view you as a greater hero if you can finish something without assistance, than if you needed to take along four others to do the same task?

I’m finding the same thing while I’m working on my Argent Dawn rep, although at least with the Argent Dawn if you have the trinket you can get the scourgestones so it makes up for it.

So what gives Blizz? You’ve got this tracking system in place for reps and achievements and yet if you try and go back to work on your missing rep you get penalised. Just more irritating that anything else really.

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