Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sigh arena

Okay, I’ll admit I was wrong yesterday. Yes you can do Instructor without priests and use Hunters with distracting shot instead. Sounds a bit extreme, but I’m willing to accept that.

Anyway, lets keep rolling.

With Christmas just round the corner the guild will take a break from 25 man raiding, although I’m sure we’ll pull together the odd 10 man Naxx run. Its pretty convenient that Season 5 starts today, so you can pvp away if you’re bored.

Personally though, I couldn’t give a toss about Arena. I could barely stand it in BC but at least you knew that even if you lost, you were working towards something no matter how badly you were going. In Wotlk, there is none of that, and your pieces start at 1695 rating for the legs. Sigh, no rating… no gear! Yes you can get the Savage gear, but after getting seasons of quality welfare gear it just seems lame to want to grind bg’s for blues. So instead I’ve been hitting up Vault of Archoren hoping my gear drops, and I’ve been fortunate and scored my legs.

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