Friday, 7 August 2009

I now pronounce you man and toon

The more I rack up achievement points, the more I realise I am wedded to Rexkicker the ret paladin til the end of my wow time. Gone are the days where I would switch off and muck about on an alt for the fear that the one time I do, I'm gonna knock over some achievement I won't have on my main.

So I am stuck. Is it just me? Well not really. This is apparent in the guild, where we actually have a shortage on full time dk's. Sometimes we have one, usually though we have none. This is despite almost everyone (including yours truly) having a dk alt. People simply don't want to make the switch and start their achievements all over again!

My brother though doesn't have this problem. He doesn't care about doing achievements and is free to split his time between his warrior tank/rogue dps/priest healer. So he's happy to swap from one character to another.

There is a definite split in game styles right there. Those that pursue achievements don't care for alts (they simply don't have the time to), and those that are altoholics don't give a damn about achievements. Unfortunately, I seem to have landed on the achievement whore half. It could be worse, I could have rolled a pure class and would be stuck doing dps all the time. At least this way if I ever get bored of ret I can switch it up (or at least temporarily).

Each to their own I guess. Now where is that dk?


Darraxus said...

I try to get my achivements on my warrior, but dont care about having ones on my other toons that I dont on him. I just bring what is needed or what I feel like playing at the time.

Stoico said...

Im a bit split, I like to have achivements. But not all of em, I like to have the ones I feel is important. Mostly does that shows you have been on top of your game. I like the different hardmode ones. But also the ones that wields titles and mounts.

But im not to fussed about that being on one single character. Its mostly for myself to look at. Call it my ingame personel throphy room... :)

And yeah, where is that DK ? (Ohh, yeah he just turned 80... hehe)