Thursday, 21 January 2010

Who do you save?

You're sitting down eating your steamed fish with oranges and see a single arrow flying from a hunter's bow, hurtling far into the distance toward the boss. The pull has just gone horribly horribly wrong. You hear a oh sh*tf*ck on Vent (coming from yours truly). Raiders start dropping off like flies and you start 'DI me' getting spammed in raid chat.

Do you DI...

a) Tank
b) Healer
c) DPS

You know the answer before I even ask it, and the answer is of course b) you DI a healer. Well that's not rocket surgery and yet I see pallies get it wrong all the time! I've seen pallies DI whoever they can just to skip out on repair costs. The healers are the guys that are keeping you up and don't think they won't remember your clutch. Its your way of saying thank you, that the person you DI'd was at the top of your mind and your favourite person in the raid... left alive.

Congratulations, next fight you will notice more heals coming your way and its no mistake that you can find yourself still kicking when your fellow melee have long been faceplanted in the dirt.

Okay new scenario.

All the healers are dead, so your next choice is to DI one of the following:

a) Fellow ret pally
b) Warrior main tank
c) Elemental shaman
d) Boomkin
e) Shadow Priest
f) Hunter with Goblin XL Jumper Cables

If you chose a) you selected the second best answer. By DIing a fellow ret naturally you have chosen to DI a resser and what goes around comes around the next time something goes wrong. Secondly, by DIing him you have taken him out of the fight and have pretty much said...

'I know I am going to die when I DI and there is no way I'm going to let another ret paladin outdps me on meters while I'm dead (yes even on wipes)!'

The correct answer is d) the boomkin. They are big, fluffy and easy to see. These oversized soft toys have the power to let you perform your own Jesus impersonation next time you step on that mine or take too long on that void zone. You've got a second chance to dps and you'd better do it right this time.

Oh and finally, never ever pick f) because that was the reject that caused the wipe in the first place!

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Sprink said...

I am so glad it was a hunter and not the overzealous fire mage accidentally pulling because she got trigger happy. ^_^

Seriously though, I totally agree with the 'save the healer' motif. It's just the right thing to do. ^_^