Friday, 29 January 2010

Wrath's most irritating list

I like to think of myself as a pretty patient player, however I just feel that sometimes Blizz just likes being a jerk. So I had a look back and here are the most irritating things and events to happen this expansion...

*Most irritating daily quest*

Without a doubt in my mind I cringe every time I do the argent tournament citadel daily. Its because even after I finish knocking off the three commanders and about a dozen gargoyles that are blocking my kite path, they will be there again tomorrow, waiting to suck.

*Most irritating raid achievement*

I would have to put down the Immortal/Undying achievement. Not only can no-one not die for a solid 4 hours straight, you need to ensure that things totally out of player control don't happen during that time that might cause a DC; blackouts, partner/parental rage and dodgy ISP's are the main culprits here.

*Most irritating heroic instance achievement*

Less Rabi. *shudders*

*Most irritating holiday achievement*

I'm going to go with the 'Be Mine!'. Whether you obtain your What a Strange Long Trip its Been holiday mount or not can hinge on this dreadful bout of RNG. Why this achievement in particular? Simply because it takes two levels of RNG to complete it. Firstly you need to hope you actually get a bag of candies to drop. Secondly you got to hope that out of the bag of candies, the right combination of candies comes up. These pesky candies almost derailed my year long effort and I feel for those that missed out on their drake this year because of this.

*Most irritating heroic instance*

If you tried to put together a group to do Oculus pre nerf, you would know the pain. Even now that the instance is actually fun to do, there are a lot of mental scars. The fact that Blizz put in lures for groups to not bail on the instance such as gems, badges and even a mount, proves how much of a failure this instance was.

*Most irritating raid*

Similar to Oculus, a lot of guilds and players avoided Malygos like the plague. When the new weekly raid quest came out and Malygos was the boss, I still can't believe how many times I saw 'The Spellweavers Downfall' achievement appear in guild chat and in PUG raids!

*Most irritating thing about phasing*

Phasing in a starting zone like the DK starting area is brilliant, you see a changing landscape and feel the impact of your DK making a difference. That's pretty awesome.

Phasing in an end zone like oh I don't know, Icecrown is not! So many quests in Icecrown require groups to finish and when they're phased you have no chance of putting a group together, especially later in the expansion when you're leveling your 2nd or 3rd toon.

The new ICC raid has also shown how bad phasing can be. For example, when you're hanging around outside the zone in waiting for someone to do that last minute gem or enchant and realise that they're in a different part of the phase!

and finally....

*Most irritating toy*

Ah the good old Toy train set. Gee I really love that moment in raids when a shrill gnome voice pierces my ears with 'choo choo choo choo whooooOOOH'. Its no wonder that through the flood of complaints Blizz would've received that they brought out the smasher. I've seen people kicked from raids for popping one, and I have to admit, it feels strangely satisfying when they do.

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