Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Losing my sanity

Oooh Dark Phoenix Hatchling.

Hmm...raise 55 reputations to exalted. Seems easy enough as a guild achievement. Ahahaha no...

This is how I imagined this achievement would be done.

'Oh hai guys, as part of this guild I think it would be uber awesome if we all chipped in and raise a faction to exalted each. So you super friendly guildie megachum, you get Aldor. And you bff, you get Scryer!'

Yay, and then I imagined the guildies would go and exalt their assigned factions and we would live in a land of rainbows and unicorns and dark phoenix hatchlings would spew out of our overflowing guild bank.

In reality however, this achievement is seriously aids, and I'm not talking the helper kind either.

No, instead this achievement is assigned to the poor assface with the highest number of exalted factions upon hitting Revered with the guild. Unfortunately in this guild, that assface is me. So needless to say, that when I hit Revered, much rage was had when I discovered that with my 47 exalted reps the guild was eight short.

Seriously how can an a GUILD achivement depend on one person???!

Still, at least this achievement relies on rep grinding (which to be honest I was always going to do anyway), and it does reward a nifty pet.

So what's the equation like? Well since dinging Revered with the guild, the Darkmoon Faire and the Booty Bay grinds are done and dusted which brings us to 49. Now I'm six short. So lets break it down...

Bilgewater Cartel: 18579/21000 - I've recently finished the other Cata grinds so I'm back to wearing this tabard for dungeons. Huzzah!
Everlook: 15047/21000
Gadgetzan: 18989/21000
Ratchet: 20443/21000 - All the possible quests with the goblin towns have been down and now I'm stuck. Relying on grinding a gajillion pirates is super fun! (Note: The universal conversion for 1 gajillion is 2,382 pirates).
Hydraxian Waterlords: 16293/21000 - Yes, grinding to exalted with Hydraxian. I must be crazy. This grind is still another five weeks away.
Guild: 8435/21000 - If I finish on average six dailies a day with each daily yielding 40 guild rep this is 53 days away from completion. I say six dailies a day because more than that and I want to neck myself.

So there you have it. I was considering grinding Raveholdt by handing in lockboxes but seeing as you need Exalted guild rep anyway to purchase the dark phoenix I decided to save myself from the irony that would have occured if I had finished the Raveholdt grind and then realised I didn't have the guild reputation to purchase the bird!


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