Saturday, 11 April 2009

Armorsmithing - Legplates of Conquest nerfed!

On an alt, I have an armorsmith/enchanter.

One of the advantages of this setup was the Legplates of Conquest.
For the price of three saronite bars and two crystallised earth, it vendored for 9g 61s 57c and could be DE'd into a Dream Shard.

Zarhym writes:

"We recently made a change to the sell value and disenchant materials obtained from Legplates of Conquest. The material costs used to create this item were unintentionally low, and we were prompted to make changes to minimize the impact on the game's economy."

So now the legplates vendor for for 1g 20s and now DE's into a small dream shard.

If you were an enchanter, you could DE the legplates into dream shards. This too has been nerfed as it now only produces a small dream shard.

Impact the economy? Blizz have supported the price of dream shards but have reduced demand for Saronite, which will crash the price of ore.

Worse still this was hotfixed, couldn't they have waited for the 3.1 patch? I mean there were no patch notes for this, so I made the mistake of making 20 legplates of conquest only to found out I couldn't DE or vendor them. So yeah, I made a loss on this one.

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