Monday, 6 April 2009

Old school enchants for the AH

While waiting for 3.1 to hit, I'm stockpiling all my gems and wotlk enchanting mats. However, I still need an income in the meantime so I'm carving out a profitable niche through selling old school enchants on scrolls. I have deliberately stayed away from Wrath enchants for a few reasons.

Primarily, the exorbitant price of Wrath enchanting materials makes it hard to justify the cost. After you take into consideration AH fees, undercutting and the cost of the vellum, the margin is pretty slim. So, I am happy to sell the raw materials. Secondly every high level enchanter is going to have the same Wrath enchants that you have, so your chances of being undercut are very high (yay trainer recipes). Thirdly, people are still accustomed to sourcing an enchanter from trade, many are doing skillups for free and even some enchanters pay players gold if they skillup.

So what does that leave then? For me its those enchants that are still useful, that are hard to find. Its those rare enchants that players are willing to pay top dollar for from the AH. The following is a list of enchants that I believe sell well:

Enchant Weapon Mongoose
Where from: Karazhan - Moroes, Shade of Aran
Who will buy it: melee dps, tanks and hunters.
Selling Price: 400-500g
Why: Still a popular enchant in Wrath, it provides a great proc which provides extra attack power, crit or dodge (depending on the class).

Enchant Weapon Crusader
Where from: AH, this also dropped in Stratholme.
Who will buy it: twink melee dps, BoA melee weapons.
Selling Price: 75-95g
Why: A good value for money enchant particularly when used on BoA weapons during levelling.

Enchant Weapon Spell Power
Where from: Molten Core Bosses
Who will buy it: twink casters and healers, BoA caster and healer weapons.
Selling Price: 850-1,200g
Why: One of a few solid choices for casters, the Spell Power enchant although expensive to craft (roughly 250g in mats) can sell for a lot due to the difficulty in acquiring the enchant from MC bosses.

Enchant Bracer Major Defense
Where from: Netherstorm - Ethereum Nullifier
Who will buy it: Tanks (particularly DK's).
Selling Price: 80g-110g
Why: In particular, death knights have difficulty staying defence capped as they cannot carry shields making this enchant is popular with DK's for that reason. Additionally, this enchant and is very cheap to make with 2 small prismatics and 10 arcane dust!

Enchant Weapon Mighty Intellect
Where from: Thorium Brotherhood (Revered)
Who will buy it: twink casters and healers, BoA caster and healer weapons.
Selling Price: Haven't sold any (currently listed for 600g).
Why: A relatively cheaper alternative to the Spell Power enchant, this may be sought after by players wanting to enchant the BoA weapon, but may not have the budget for the Spell Power option.

Enchant Weapon Mighty Spirit
Where from: Thorium Brotherhood (Honored)
Who will buy it: twink resto druids, priests and warlocks. BoA resto druid and priest healer and warlock caster weapons. Selling Price: Haven't listed any for sale yet.
Why: Certain classes benefit more from spirit than others and can benefit from increased spell power from spirit. Additionally, these classes may want to have spirit to have less downtime while levelling.

There are a couple more that I want to collect, which include:

Enchant 2H Weapon Major Agility
Where from: Arcatraz - Eredar Deathbringer
Who will buy it: feral druidsWhy: This enchant is sought after by feral druid tanks as it is constant and does not rely on a proc (unlike Mongoose).

Enchant Weapon Healing Power
Where from: Molten Core bosses
Who will buy it: twink casters and healers, BoA caster and healer weapons.
Why: An alternative to Enchant Weapon Spell Power, I think the mats are cheaper than the Spell Power enchant and you could sell it for just as much.

Enchant Gloves Shadow Power
Where from: AQ40 and AQ20 bosses
Who will buy it: twink warlocks and shadow priests.
Why: The enchant is pretty rare because of the lack of AQ raids so the price will be high. However, since demand is limited to twink warlocks and shadow priests, demand is limited.

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