Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The time has come

The 3.1 patch is upon us and yet I find myself out of time, scrambling around preparing for the first raid tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to Ulduar. For the first time since I started playing WoW, I feel like Rexkicker is at his peak and I am stoked that he is ready to hit the ground running. The fights look really cool from what I've seen on youtube and it seems pretty refreshing. I'm a big fan of the dwarves (heck I spend a crapton of time in Ironforge!).

There is so much to do, so what follows is a bit of a checklist that I'll probably come back and check for myself!

With the changes to the ret tree and how ret functions, hit now becomes a priority, and Rawr tells me I need to regem accordingly, so I need to overhaul my gems and my enchants. Apart from that though, my priority will be to hit the JC store and lay 1k on an upgrade to my Kirin Tor Ring.

I will need to redo my build. I've had a play with the ret talents and while I am not a fan of the new cookie cutter 0/17/54 ret build I've been seeing, I will probably use it to start with. I dunno, the build just seems so.... wasteful.

I need to change my glyphs as well! In comes the Exorcism glyph and out goes the Glyph of Hammer of Wrath. I bet that's the one I do forget, I mean how often do you really change glyphs?

While I'm on it... mental note to start keeping sacred shield up now that it last for 1 minute. While it won't stop the blowback damage from SoB, it should help minimise damage from other sources so that its mainly the blowback damage I'm suffering from and hopefully not to much else.

Dual specs? Well tomorrow to be honest it will be last on my list of priorities and I'll probably pick it up a day later. Not that I can't pick it up, I just have more important things I need to take care of first.

Ah well, that's it from me, I need to play with Rawr some more. If you're hitting Ulduar tomorrow, good luck and have fun!



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